Stewards to the Garden & Grounds of the Cathedral Since 1916

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Fountains, Statuary & Plaques

In 1998, garden docent Nancy E. Symington researched and wrote a description of the 43 plaques, artifacts, statues and fountains on the grounds of Washington National Cathedral at that time. A wealth of information is contained in her work. Originally designed as a tool for use by garden docents, her notebook is available now for all interested persons to read or download. Mrs. Symington is a member of All Hallows Guild Garden Committee and an associate member of AHG Board of Governors. Because the notebook contains Mrs. Symington's photographs, it has been divided into five parts for easier access and printing.

An explanation of material found in each part follows:

Part 1: Norman Arch to the Norman Court; Bishop's Lawn
Part 2: Bishop's Garden
Part 3: Bishop's Garden; along Pilgrim Road; Cathedral College Garth; North Cathedral Garth
Part 4: West Front of Cathedral; Herb Cottage; Peace Cross; Landmark Sundial
Part 5: Explanatory Notes, Addenda and Acknowledgements

Map of the Garden by Babs Gaillard McNear