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Garden Spotlight: Addie Schopf, Bishop's Gardener

Bishop's Gardener Addie is originally from Iowa and graduated from Iowa State University where she studied horticulture. Previously, she worked in public gardens in the Midwest before moving to the D.C. area in 2010. Most recently, she worked at Tudor Place in Georgetown. She spends her days in and around the Bishop's Garden…weeding, pruning, and lots of watering. We asked Addie a a couple of questions about her work.  

What's your favorite feature in the Bishop's Garden? 

"Idyllwild Bed (formally known as the Yew Border). Having annuals mixed with perennials means there is always lots of color in this bed. Even this time of year there is still color! The Idyllwild Junipers (Juniperus virginiana 'Idyllwild') have blue berries on them, and some of the perennials still have their colored foliage." 

This is a quiet time of the year for most gardeners…what's going on right now? 

"This time of year, I am preparing for the growing season by researching plants, researching the garden, figuring out plants we need, ordering supplies/seeds, and cleaning tools. When I am able to be outside, I am working on cleaning up the garden for spring. In a few weeks, I'll start pruning trees!"

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