Stewards to the Garden & Grounds of the Cathedral Since 1916

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About the Tea Tours with Your Afternoon Tea

The following is a list of the tour options that precede your Afternoon High Tea.  Tour type is listed on the reservation page for each Tea date.

Cathedral Highlights Tours
Cathedral Highlights includes all of the must-see features of the Cathedral, and provides the perfect introduction to the history, architecture, and artwork of the Washington National Cathedral for first-time visitors and returning friends.
Angels have been represented in art, literature and film for centuries and have intrigued artists and viewers throughout history. This tour seeks angels in the myriad ways they appear throughout the Cathedral in stained glass, needlepoint, wood and stone.
The beauty of Washington National Cathedral is the result of the work of many artisans;. this tour focuses on examples of the many works of art that make the Cathedral unique. Take an in-depth look at stained glass, needlepoint, woodcarving, and stonecarving, and how they fit into this magnificent structure.
Cherry Blossom
Experience springtime in our nation's capital with a Cathedral Highlights tour followed by a special and festive tea in the tower to celebrate the beauty of cherry blossoms in bloom.
Garden Tour – Bishop's Garden
The 59 acres of the Cathedral Close were originally designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr., as the setting for the Washington National Cathedral and its institutions. The tour of the three-acre Bishop's Garden highlights the history, plantings and medieval artifacts found there. In inclement weather, a Cathedral Tour may be substituted. Be sure to view the gardens from the seventh-floor Pilgrim Observation Gallery.  This tour is for groups only (5+ persons). 
Gothic Architecture
What are the basic elements shared by any Gothic building? Why is Gothic so well suited to religious structures? Through the Cathedral's soaring walls and exquisite carvings, visitors explore the Gothic style and its unique characteristics, purposes and building methods.
There are over 1,500 pieces of needlework in the Cathedral, portraying historic Americans, floral patterns, baby animals and more painstakingly worked "for the Glory of God." This tour reveals how the exquisite treasures of needlepoint convey messages throughout the Cathedral.
Olmsted Woods
Tour Native Plants—In the Woods and in Your Garden. Join us as we learn more about native plants growing in the Olmsted Woods and how you can use them in your own garden.
Women in Glass and Stone
Where else can you see Joan of Arc and Eleanor Roosevelt in one place? Women of great influence are to be found in the statuary, needlepoint and stained glass of the Cathedral. Hear their tales and look upon the faces and symbols of these revolutionary thinkers, visionaries and saints.
Teas for Children
Several times a year, a tea especially geared to children is presented. These teas are eagerly awaited and often reservations need to be made early. Some of the Tea's themes have been "Teddy Bear Teas" (bring your favorite bear and youngster to tea in the Tower) and "Mad Hatter Teas". Often a puppet show follows the tea.
Upcoming special teas – click here for the Tour & Tea calendar
For general information about the Program, call Melissa Isbister: 202-537-5581 or