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December 17, 2023

Betty Louise Gordon (Mrs. A. Wayne “Pete” Gordon)

Almost 50 years ago, a kind, energetic, and quick-witted Betty Gordon joined the board of the All Hallows Guild. Like many, she began as a volunteer for Flower Mart, creating the puppet show that has now entertained generations of children. She went on to serve in a variety of ways: as AHG President (1984-1986), on the Flower Mart Executive Committee as Secretary, and later the Flower Mart Advisory Committee, designing Flower Mart flyers, posters, and tote bags. She was a member of the Herb Cottage Committee for many years, working onsite for hours and hours. Betty and Kay Brown were co-directors from the inception of the Tea part of Tour and Tea, a joint venture of the Cathedral and the Guild begun in 1990. Betty came to direct the program until 2006.

Betty died peacefully on December 7, 2023, “just before dessert,” at age 96.

Betty Gordon and her daughter Allison Lineberger with two of their puppets.

When Betty retired from the “AHG Puppeteer Theater” in 2013, this was written about the productions (and it’s worth repeating at length): “Her talents for organization and creating folklore artistry brought a touch of Broadway to Flower Mart…. With needlework, paint brushes and deft management, the All Hallows Guild Puppeteer Theater is now a traditional delight for children of all ages at every Flower Mart. Always performed in the context of familiar legends of various countries, these cloth puppets have been handmade or purchased but their voices are the voices of volunteer performers with a yen for theatrics. The founder and director of this delightful enterprise (Betty) gives full credit for the theater’s success to all the volunteers who worked with her.”

Kay Brown says of Betty, “We have lost an incredible woman. One whom I could not have done without.” Lydia Benson remembers, “When you entered a room and saw Betty, you knew you had a friend there.” Sarah Brau recalls, “She knew the infinite value of joy and laughter generated by puppets and [I remember] her kindness to many young mothers coping with challenges. She was a unique role model for many of us and will be greatly missed.”

“Her presence brought joy,” according to Louise Beale.

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