In Memoriam – Ruthanna Weber

March 26, 2021

Ruthanna Maxwell Brushart Weber 1915-2021

Ruthanna Weber (Mrs. C. Swan Weber), born the year before All Hallows Guild was founded, passed away recently after a long and full life. During World War II, she served as a first lieutenant in the US Navy, about which she was rightfully very proud.  Throughout her life, Ruthanna was often seen wearing her Navy uniform to special functions and memorials. She served on the board of a number of organizations whose good works were of interest to her.  Notably, for fifty-four years, Ruthanna served on the board of All Hallows Guild, one of the longest serving members of the Guild’s board.

Ruthanna joined the Guild board in 1967 and was a member until the end of her life. In 2012, she was named an honorary member of the board, a distinction held by very few who were not bishops, deans, or their spouses.  Hardly a Flower Mart went by that Ruthanna did not play a significant role.  She started as the project chairman for Kenwood Garden Club’s Flower Mart participation. Later, when it became impossible to store the popcorn machine Ruthanna donated to Flower Mart, it went to her beloved Kenwood Garden Club of which she was a founding member.  Ruthanna then “worked her way up” to Flower Mart food chairman, followed by publicity chair.  In 1971, with Switzerland as the featured country, she served as the Flower Mart chairman.  Not resting on her laurels, she went on to do special events, co-chair of independent booths, and judging which she did until 2007.  In 1984, Ruthanna began serving as Flower Mart’s embassy liaison, a job she held off and on until 2001.  The job of the liaison involves both charming an embassy into becoming the sponsor and coordinating the coffee meeting held at the various embassies during which the wife of the ambassador (and sometimes the ambassador himself) were briefed on Flower Mart and the embassy’s role.  She is fondly and gratefully remembered by many a Flower Mart chair for her acumen in navigating relations with the embassies of the various countries honored and in helping the chairs and embassies with the opening ceremonies.  Flower Mart habituees knew it was opening time when Ruthanna took her place on the west façade steps. Even after 2001, she was not finished, continuing as an advisor for Flower Mart’s opening ceremonies up until 2011. 

Ruthanna’s activities and energy were not confined to All Hallows Guild and Kenwood Garden Club. She served on the governing board of St. Albans School; she was active with the Heart Association, Meridian Hill International, Project Hope, Wolf Trap, and others. She was also an accomplished pianist and seamstress, and a proud mother, step-mother, grandmother, step-grandmother, great grandmother and step-great grandmother.  Her energy, flair, and giving will serve as an example for years to come.


All Hallows Guild was founded in 1916 to provide for the care and beautification of the grounds of Washington National Cathedral. The Guild works closely with the horticultural staff to preserve this historic landscape and raises funds for renovation and renewal of the gardens.


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