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Press Room

All Hallows Guild is grateful to the many artists, journalists, garden writers, TV personalities, photographers, and videographers who have helped “get the word out” to so many people. Through their talents; the Cathedral’s gardens and grounds, the fun and flavor of Flower Mart, and the longstanding Tour & Tea Program have come alive– all the while highlighting the many volunteers who make it all happen. Some of these works are in our archives, to see a listing, click here

If you wish photos of the Guild's projects and programs, go to our photo galleries here.
To our media friends, if you wish to be added to a list that receives news from All Hallows Guild on a regular basis, send your name and where this news will appear, to:

c/o Washington National Cathedral
3101 Wisconsin Ave NW 
Washington, DC 20016
T +1 (202) 537-2937 
F +1 (202) 537-2321

All Hallows Guild Media Relations
Beth Cowie, AHG Communications or (202 271-7419)

Anne Clippinger, Print Communications  (202 244-5469)

All Hallows Guild Office (202) 537-2937

All Hallows Guild Media Relations
Carrie Tydings, AHG Communications or 301 452-4012

Flower Mart Publicity & Media Relations
Carrie Tydings or (301)452-4012

For all Flower Mart Contacts & Information

Herb Cottage Media Relations
Anne Clippinger, AHG Communications or 
or (202 244-5469)

Tour & Tea Media Relations
Melissa Isbister or  202-537-5581

Cathedral Media Relations
Kevin Eckstrom                                                                                                                                                                      Washington National Cathedral
Massachusetts & Wisconsin Aves., NW
Washington, DC 20016-5098
Telephone: (202) 537-2238