Olmsted Woods Survey

November 7, 2019

Survey work is underway in the Woods

Orange survey markings have appeared in the Olmsted Woods

Have you noticed orange survey markers in the Olmsted Woods? Lovers of the Woods have been concerned that they indicate a plan to build on this dedicated five-acre urban forest. Quite the contrary! All Hallows Guild’s 1998-2008 project of Woods preservation and erosion control was successful in addressing water runoff, soil compaction, and tree degradation, but it must be a continuing effort.

A survey marker near the ravine in the Olmsted Woods

This current topographical survey will be followed by a tree survey, identifying and assessing tree conditions and including a plan for long-term care of the trees. We expect to upgrade our water control devices and adopt systems for tracking water flow.

November 2019 – Olmsted Woods survey work is underway

All Hallows Guild is dedicated to preserving this precious woodland refuge as a habitat for natural flora and fauna and as a peaceful oasis for human visitors. 

Another type of orange marker (indicating Autumn) in the Woods


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