The 2020 All Hallows Guild Garden Interns

July 14, 2020

In spite of all the turmoil of the pandemic, work stoppages, distancing, masks, and indeed the closure of the cathedral itself, the Guild is pleased to be able to sponsor two horticulture interns. They began on June 1st as all the grounds crew returned full time, and have been an immense help in getting the gardens and woods in better shape. During late March and early April, the grounds staff were instructed to stay at home, and consequently the spring rains caused weeds to grow unchecked. Following a two-week stoppage, staff had only returned part time while plans for distancing, staggered break and lunch times, and occupancy of the Facilities Building were formulated. It was a great help to have the Bishop’s Garden closed to visitors in the mornings for the first two weeks of June to allow the gardeners to work unhindered and without fear of being crowded on the narrow paths. 

Summer Interns Elizabeth Quito and Maddie Gresh

Introducing Students Elizabeth Quito and Maddie Gresh

Maddie, (right) from Rockville, Maryland, has graduated from the University of Maryland and will attend North Carolina State this fall to pursue a degree in Landscape Architecture. She said this internship will provide practical experience and knowledge of plants and their maintenance to allow her eventually to design better gardens.

Elizabeth (left) is from Poolesville, Maryland, and has studied Landscape Technology at Montgomery College. She seeks certification in the state of Maryland as a Professional Horticulturist. For this she will sit a written exam and also be tested on plant identification. She hopes to focus on garden maintenance, but is interested in further studies in the field, including pesticide application and arboriculture.

Maddie majored in Psychology at UMD and during her senior year was exposed to being a counselor. She realized this was not how she wanted to go forward. A garden on campus adjacent to both the chapel and the counseling center gave her a glimpse into another way for healing. Contemplation and journalling while in the garden was encouraged, and led to her current internship and future program in Landscape Architecture. 

Elizabeth had no hands-on experience in a large garden like ours and knows the practical experience is a good basis for her future work.

Newly Redesigned Nitze Garden

Both our interns praised the helpfulness of the horticulture staff, particularly Addie Schopf, Bishop’s Gardener, who is always ready to answer their questions. They like the satisfaction of seeing the results of their work, whether weeding in the Bishop’s Garden or pulling ivy in the Olmsted Woods. Both mentioned the serenity and beauty of the Nitze Garden, recently redesigned in a collaboration between the horticulture staff and the Guild. Maddie and Elizabeth have enjoyed working in the woods, especially its cool serenity, sense of enclosure and winding paths that reveal spaces a bit at a time. 

Mountain Mint (Pycnanthemum muticum) in the Olmsted Woods, July 2020

Our summer interns are usually assigned a project, and this summer Elizabeth and Maddie will design an extension of our successful Pollinator Garden on the NCS/Beauvoir Road, originally planned by the 2018 interns and planted last year. 

Although opportunities we usually extend to the interns, such as tours of other gardens and horticulture seminars are not readily available in pandemic times, Maddie and Elizabeth will be able to have a private tour of Hillwood and some time at the National Arboretum.

All Hallows Guild is always glad to sponsor summer students – both as a help to our own horticulture staff and as an added experience for their practical education as they embark on careers.

Summer 2020 interns


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